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Accomplishing Our Goals, One Slab of Concrete at a Time

From the moment we did our ground breaking God has been blessing tremendously. The school board has been working diligently to keep the construction of the building on track, on schedule and ready to open in the fall of 2019. Currently we are working on establishing a school constitution, set tuition cost, and a time and place for registration. We are so excited for all the interest that we have had regarding the school! It is amazing to see how a community can come together and be as excited as we are about this project!

We are also thrilled to bring to Alamogordo, a form of education that is innovative and unlike anything that we have ever seen before. Often times teachers are on a time crunch to get through a curriculum, which means that students who learn at a slower rate may fall through the cracks, and never master the information presented. In our standards based curriculum we are striving to ensure that each student masters the skill that they have been assigned. This program will be individualized, releasing the pressure from the students and allowing them to understand the information and master it before they can move on to another topic, in their own time. Students who work faster are able to continue on and master new skills. This of course will be done under the loving guidance of a teacher who is trained and certified in this new way of education. We believe that this form of education allows students to be more successful as they reach higher levels of education, as well as when they set out in their adult life.

As far as the school construction, everything is on schedule and we are still set to open in the fall of 2019. PRAISE GOD!!! Please continue to pray for us as we make progress, and seek a better future for our young people. God bless you all!

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